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Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
Gelatin For Marshmallow
HS Code: 35030010.00
MOQ: 500 KG
QTY / 20' FCL: 18 MT

Gelatin is a natural health food ingredient that has been widely used in the food and pharmaceutical fields for many years. Gelatin usually contains 85% protein, 13% moisture and 2% minerals, and is rich in 18 amino acids.

Gel strength is one of the important indicators of gelatin performance. It describes the jelly of gelatin. Jelly is related to the mechanical elasticity of gelatin colloids. Its unit of measurement is bloom g, which is a value measured on a cryometer after the gel is prepared at a standard concentration and frozen for 24 hours. The higher the freezing force, the stronger the gelatin solution freezes at the same concentration and temperature.

Viscosity is an important indicator for describing the fluidity of a gelatin solution. When the temperature is higher than the freezing point of the gelatin solution, the viscosity range of the gelatin solution will be between 1.5 and 7.5 mPa · s.

Solubility: The most typical is to allow gelatin to swell after absorbing water and then heat to dissolve.

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Freezing point: The freezing point is the temperature at which the gelatin solution solidifies to a jelly state.

Melting point: The temperature at which gelatin jelly melts into a solution.

Color: It mainly depends on the raw materials used in the production, the processing technology and the type of rubber extraction. The most common form is pale yellow or white granules.

Haze / Clarity: In many gelatin applications, there are strict requirements for the clarity of gelatin solutions or gels. The clarity depends mainly on the filtration process.

Ignition residue: It is the residue obtained after the gelatin is fully burned at 550 ° C (1022 ° F).

Isoelectric point: When the positive charge of the amino group in the solution is exactly equal to the negative charge of the carboxyl group, and there is no charge movement in the electric field, the pH of the solution is the isoelectric point.

Functional characteristics: 1) Gelability and thermal reversibility; 2) Foaming property; 3) Emulsification; 3) Film-forming property; 4) Clarification ability;

Application: gelling agent, stabilizer, emulsifier, thickener, water holding capacity


Mesh Size

Mainly 8-10 Mesh, 20 Mesh, 30 Mesh, 40 Mesh etc.

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Edible gelatin has a wide range of applications, and can be used in meat products, meat fillings, frozen meat, toffee, marshmallows, nougat, toffee, ice cream, yogurt products, beer clarifiers, and compound emulsion stabilizers. , Health foods, salads, puddings, icing, mayonnaise, gelatin fudge, pastries, canned meat, ham sausage and other foods.明 There are different amounts of gelatin in different foods. In meat products, meat filling products, frozen juice meat and other foods, the amount of gelatin is 2% to 9%; in the production of marshmallows, the amount of gelatin is 2%; in the production process of toffee, the amount of gelatin The dosage is from 0.4% to 1.5%; in the production process of ice cream, the dosage of gelatin is 0.1%.

In the process of applying edible gelatin, pay attention to how to use it. When food companies use gelatin, they generally immerse the gelatin in cold water for 60 minutes to make it fully absorb and swell; then, melt the gelatin in a water bath environment below 80 ° C. When melting, the temperature should not be too high, because the temperature will reduce the viscosity of gelatin. When melting gelatin, the principle of "how much to use, how much to soak, and how much to melt" should be adhered to, and the gelatin solution should not be left for more than half a day to avoid affecting the quality characteristics such as viscosity, emulsification, and stability. When melting gelatin, it should not be too long, otherwise the quality of gelatin will be reduced.

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